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[personal profile] readerofasaph kindly allowed me to hijack this comm for my own nefarious purposes. I decided to attempt writing 50,000 words this month (as part of NaNo Redux), and to contribute to that word count total, I was planning on doing daily writing exercises. Feel free to join me!

Week 1: Descriptions (1/2-1/8)
Once a day, write a descriptive scene, preferably based on actual observations. No dialogue, not even internal, though character interactions are allowed as long as they are nonverbal, and the description itself can be from a specific character perspectives. Seven ways to make this exercise interesting:
  • Exclude a sense (e.g. no visual description) or limit exclusively to one sense (e.g. a description entirely based on smell).

  • Future tense.

  • Same scene from different POVs.

  • Minimalism: one modifier (adjective or adverb) per sentence.

  • Maximalism: most extravagant purple prose.

  • Use only action verbs.

  • Realtime: write description of immediate surroundings, without editing.

Week 2: Queneau (1/9-1/15)
Once a day, write the same scene in a different style. Exercise taken from Raymond Queneau's famous Exercises in Style. Seven stylistic variations:
  • Different types of speech (e.g. slang).

  • Different types of prose (e.g. as a news article, as a legal document, etc.).

  • Pastiche of favorite author's style.

  • As poetry.

  • Primarily using Latinate/Hellenic/Germanic/etc. words.

  • Inverted chronology.

  • Emotional mood (e.g. angry, confused, assertive, exclamatory, etc.).

Week 3: Project Rewrite (1/16-1/22)
Choose a piece of fanfiction and rewrite it from scratch without reference to the original. One reread prior to rewrite is allowed. Seven possible ways to rewrite the fic:
  • Change genre.

  • Change narrative style.

  • Divergence: what if major plot point had occurred differently?

  • Eliminate or add a major character.

  • Write "missing" scenes.

  • Make a long fic short or vice versa.

  • Keep plot but change underlying theme/premise.

Week 4: Countdown (1/23-1/29)
Once a day, thirty minutes to write down whatever comes to the brain. Only rules: no editing, no pre-planning. If there's momentum at the end of the half-hour, keep going.

No need to sign up. I'll be making a post at the end of each week with thoughts about the exercises. I'll be posting the actual writing in the comments and invite those of you joining in to do the same.
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